Cooking Pot the iPhone App Reaches More Home-Cooks!!

Finally an App that helps you cook quick, nutritious meals and helps save you money at the same time. Cooking Pot the iPhone App is sizzling with just released Upgrade 1.2. and going Global!!

Cooking Pot is now being used in 6 different countries and spreading!! Now that the word on amazingly healthy, wholesome, delicious and easy to prepare food with Cooking Pot the iPhone App is out. Cooking Pot the iPhone App projects more reach with it’s message that Health, Nutrition and Sustainability is easily achieved with great home-cooked food.


Tandoori Chicken with Pomegranate - Delicious

Tandoori Chicken with Pomegranate – Delicious

It’s as easy as Pick, Shop, Cook and Cooking Out instead of Throwing Out” has worked its magic! This simple functionality chooses recipes by ingredient to empty fridges and pantries, shop on the go with a full featured Shipping List and buy what’s on ‘special’. The new release has added new features one of which enables Facebook users to share their cooking with friends via an instant, real-time link.

All recipes are meal type and dietary categorised. This takes the headache out of cooking when intolerances or allergies are part of everyday life and replaces it with easy, nutritious, real food. You only need to set your dietary preferences once and let Cooking Pot provide you the meal ideas YOU want. This handy little feature makes BIG news with users when allergy and intolerances are at epidemic highs and increasing.

Now, Cooking Pot lets you share your amazingly healthy, wholesome and delicious creations with friends and the word is spreading. It’s still as easy as Pick, Shop, Cook but now, Cooking Pot is a whole lot more Fun and others are catching on!

Cooking Pot the iPhone App is $2.99 and just so handy and affordable. Your well-being and taste-buds will thank you for it!

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