SEPTEMBER: ’tis the Season to EAT…

It’s September and Spring is definitely here in the Southern Hemisphere and the warm weather is sure to stay. Hopefully your garden was planted last month and if not plant it now!! I’m sure your kitchen is warm and inviting and you may be considering the last few roasts and baking days before the heat hits hard!! Let’s take a look at the September harvest at your local market.

Cooking Pot the iPhone App can certainly provide loads of delicious ideas from Bakes, Quiches and lasagnes to freeze and Enjoy cold! They will keep you going into the summer. All you’ll really need to do is add a Salad. Be as extravagant and rebellious as you like here. I wonder what your next Salad will be!! Download the App here for that extra help with Healthy, Wholesome and completely delicious Recipes available where ever you go!! Download it here:

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Stuffed Capsicum - Cooking Pot the iPhone App

Stuffed Capsicum – Cooking Pot the iPhone App

This months harvest has a lot to offer so make good use of it. Cook and freeze meals for when you need them and don’t be afraid to cook double and save on your electricity bills too. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.


Cabbage, Carrots, Avocados, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Asian Greens, Beans, Ginger, Chillies, Garlic, Asparagus, Leeks, Peas, Potatoes, Lettuce, Pumpkin, Silverbeet, Spinach


Strawberries, Lemons, Mandarins, Oranges, Rock-melon, Pawpaw, Pineapple

Hmm… this is huge especially when I’m seeing Ginger, Chillies and Garlic! Foundations of so many meals are based on fresh and good quality ginger, chillies and garlic. Add some Asian greens and cabbage, Boil some rice and you’re almost there!! Other ingredients which spark interest are Avocadoes and Beans. The combine beautifully for a Mexican or Indian inspired salad or meal. One of my favourites is Potato-crusted 3 Cheese Pie, Chicken and Leek Pie, our renowned Roast Vegetable Salad with Curried Sunflower Dressing and heaps and heaps more. At Cooking Pot the iPhone App we focus on Yummy, Healthy, Wholesome, Quick and Easy to follow Recipes. Download it here:

What an inspiring fruit harvest! Let’s see… Strawberries: yummy strawberries! The Strawberry Nut Torte comes to mind which is Gluten-Free and mouth-wateringly Delicious! Then there the Upside-Down Mandarin Bant and it continues with a couple amazing Carrot and Humming Bird cakes. Finish off with our Fantastic Ginger Chilli Mock-Mojito.

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AUGUST: ’tis the Season to Eat…

In the South it’s growing warmer and Spring is almost upon us. The sun is rising just a bit earlier and the seeds and seedlings are in the grown ready to grow. The end of winter brings a delightful harvest with many citrus fruit, berries, and winter vegetables.

Herbs grow well this time of year before the sun comes out hot and strong. It’s the time to grow, harvest and store them. As you and I both know some herbs are just unavailable at certain times of year. Make sure you’ve got your favourites! Storing, fermenting and canning are a few things to explore in the near future. In the meantime let Cooking Pot the iPhone App help you make the most of fresh, crispy, Winter produce.

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Beetroot Crusted Chicken and Leek Pie

Beetroot Crusted Chicken and Leek Pie

August in the Southern hemisphere is abundant with root vegetables, citrus, apples and strawberries. All those tangy or hot and spicy comfort foods that are made Healthy and Wholesome with Cooking Pot the iPhone App. Don’t have the time? You won’t need much with most of these recipes and they are Quick and Easy to follow too. Download it here:

Let’s see what’s on offer this August!


Custard Apple, Apples, Citrus (Grapefruit, Mandarins, Lemons, Limes, Oranges), Strawberries, Rhubarb, Pineapple, Kiwifruit


Beetroot, Broccoli, Cabbage (Asian Greens, Cauliflower), Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Celery, Spinach, Silverbeet, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Leek, Ginger, Garlic

Ginger and Garlic scream pick me! Pick me! Combine those with Lime and Cabbage and you’ve got most of the Asian flavours. Be it Chicken Green Curry, Kimchee or your Best Ever Stir Fry. Maybe You’d like to use Baked Veggies with a creamy mushroom and Leek sauce or Ordinary Pumpkin Soup which is anything but! One of my favourites is the Potato-crusted Spinach and 3 Cheese Pie!

Fruit this August speaks to me with a tangy and zesty feel. This can be achieved with the Mandarin Upside-Down Cake or go raw with the Raw Lemon Slice featured earlier in this blog. Maybe an Apple and Rhubarb Crumble may take your fancy served warm with cream or ice-cream. So many possibilities abound. Let Cooking Pot the iPhone App give a helping hand in the kitchen this August with Healthy and Easy to follow recipes like the ones mentioned above.

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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Gyozas – (Japanese Dumplings) … A MUST Try!!

Recipe Wednesday brings Vegetarian or Vegan or Gluten-Free Gyoza which are Japanese Dumplings. Try them Once and you’ll be hooked just like me! When living in China we had the traditional Chinese Pork Gyozas quite often for lunch or dinner… sometimes breakfast. I hope you are following my trail of thought!! Will You get Addicted?? 

The Vegetarian variety just makes them so much healthier. I now make a few different variations to mix things up. They are all deliciously Addictive and Good for you and best of all they are great to freeze. Recipes on Cooking Pot the iPhone App. Download here: 

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Vegetarian Gyoza - Recipe on Cooking Pot for iPhone

Vegetarian Gyoza – Recipe on Cooking Pot for iPhone


Vegetarian Vegan Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings)

Makes about 30 Gyozas


2 cabbage leaves, shredded

5-7 shallots

3-4 pieces of celery with leaves (to make 1 stalk)

1 bunch coriander

½ small carrot

1 packet gow gee pastry (look for Vegan or Gluten-free if preferable)

1.5cm ginger, juice and a little pulp

1 tbsp sake

1 tbsp sesame oil

3 tbsp potato starch/flour

1 ½ cups quinoa, cooked

cooking oil

1 ½ tbsp flour (Gluten-free if preferable)

200ml water


Cooking Pot for iPhone is bound to give a helping hand by producing an Instant Shopping List so nothing is forgotten. Add the rest of your Shopping List too and mark all the items off as you go! Have some Fun and forget the chore!! Download here:


  1. Wash and dry all veggies with a tea-towel. Process all veggies except ginger. Process coriander last.
  2. Grate ginger.
  3. In a small mixing bowl mix ginger, sake, sesame oil and potato starch to form a paste.
  4. In a large bowl combine veggie mix, potato paste and quinoa.
  5. To make dumplings: put a teaspoon amount on the pastry, use a bit a water on the edges and squeeze the pastry together.
  6. To cook the Gyoza: Mix 1 ½ tspn flour with 200ml water and set aside. Grill gyoza in a frying pan on 1 side, then turn and add the flour/water mix. Close the lid and steam on low.
  7. Once cooked remove lid until water evaporates. This leaves them crispy. Drizzle with sesame oil and place on a serving dish.
  8. Serve with Vinegar/Soy Dipping Sauce. 1 part Rice vinegar to 1 part Soy Sauce or vary proportions to taste.


There are a few steps here but it’s sure worth it! I usually make at least 90 and freeze them. Best frozen before they are cooked. They are fast to defrost and easy to cook up!

Japanese Gyozas are also Healthy, delicious, vegan, glutenfree

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Quality Design & Development Brings MORE Users!!

Home-Cooks are getting more!! Now Cooking Pot the iPhone App is available to more Home Cooks than EVER Before! It’s still the Great Variety of Recipes that are Easy to follow and Quick to Cook but NOW the QUALITY of the design and development has made the App available to the Visually Impaired!! Voice Over runs without a glitch. More Healthy and Wholesome food ideas. More Quick and Easy to follow recipes. Now available to More Users.

It's as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook - Download it NOW!!

It’s as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook – Download it NOW!!

The momentum is building and users keep coming back with positive feedback and more money in their hip pockets. Home-cooks already love the Creative App Design, Easy to use and Interactive Shopping List and the Preference filters that keep everyone talking. BUT Now, all this is also available to the Visually Impaired with Voice Over working like a dream.

Recipes are still meal type and dietary categorised. Lifestyle choice, allergy or intolerance; it’s all catered for eg vegan, gluten-free, raw… Set your dietary preferences once and let Cooking Pot the iPhone App provide you with the recipes YOU want. This handy little feature now available to more users makes BIG news when allergy and intolerances are at epidemic highs and increasing.

It’s still as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook and Cook Out instead of Throw Out. The App is working it’s magic and more and more Home-Cooks who want to create Healthy, Cost Effective, Sustainable meals with Quick and Easy to follow recipes are jumping on board, and Why Not! Cooking Pot the iPhone App is just so handy and affordable at $2.99. Your hip-pocket, well-being and taste-buds will thank you for it. Create something New in the kitchen Today.

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Herbology: Too HOT or NOT!!

So what is your definition of Hot? Stifly heat outdoors, Sexy Hot or gut-wrenching Spicy Hot!! We’ll go with the latter and talk Chilli Hot! There’s a lot to be said for chilli. It’s a beautiful looking shrub growing to about 1 metre which bears shiney and crisp, colourful fruit but the heat is it’s thorn. Having said that, not all peppers are hot. Some infact are swee, But All peppers are known for their culinary flavour.

So what are they NOT known for. Let’s look at cooking, gardening remedies, circulation, sinus releif, cancer just to name a few. The hotness of a chilli determines it’s use except in cooking where flavour is also concerned. The hotness of a chilli is measured “Scoville Heat Units” (SHU). A mild bell pepper measures 0, a jalapeno 2500-4000 units and a Habanero measures 200 000 – 500 000 units.

Peppers are also good for you high in vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C. 100g of chilli provides 240% RDA vitamin C. It also contains significant levels of magnesium, potassium iron and manganese. These aid in conrolling heart rate, blood pressure and anti-oxidant properties which facilitate tissue repair and known to boost immunity. For some great Healthy and Wholesome recipe ideas that include chillis sweet and hot or both: download Cooking Pot the iPhone App here: more information:

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Jerk Chicken with Beans and Rice

Jerk Chicken with Beans and Rice

Some Caribbean, Indian and Asian cooking likes a lot of heat. Caribbean and Mexican cooking uses scotsdale and harbanero peppers for untimate heat. For a milder taste jalapenos are used. Indian cooking prefers harbanerons and Asian cooking is famous for it’s red birds-eye chilli. In cooking, flavour is just as important as heat if not more. As a result de-heating techniques are applied such as de-seeding, ommitting the bulb or simply cooking the chilli whole without cutting it then removing during the cooking period when the appropriate flavour and heat have been reached.

Dishes can be made milder by using bell peppers or capsicum which are rather sweet but boost the flavour of many dishes. Sweet paprika is another example found in Eastern European dishes like Goulash or Golombki where both tomato and cream are used as the sauce base. Both of these fantastic recipes are found on Cooking Pot the iPhone App. Download it here for something different:

Chilli is also used as a garden spray to ward off pests and help your veggies grow without pestiside. Grind 4 birds-eye chillis and 2 cloves garlic in a pestle and mortar. In a 750ml container add ½ tbsp soap flakes, chilli and garlic paste and 500ml boiling water and mix. Let stand until cool and strain into a spray bottle. Will keep for 2 weeks. Spray on your veggies for a natural insecticide and watch your garden flourish!

Don’t have Cooking Pot the iPhone App yet. Dowload it Now for some Healthy, Wholesome and Sustainale recipes which are Quick and Easy to follow!!

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A Signpost to Good Health

The amount of sugar and toxins in our food is increasing rapidly. Our physiology is not developing fast enough to deal with the side-effects and Our SKIN is the first to suffer.

This begs the question of what exactly is in our food and water? What happens to it when we ingest it? What are the consequences to us in the long term? These are very significant questions and should be addressed by each one of us. Every body will react slightly differently and there are different levels in any physiological reaction from a mild rash to asphyxiation for example. This brings us to the end result. The journeys we take may be very different as we try to escape Dis-ease.

Fortunately our skin is a huge sign carefully giving subtle directions, all we need to do is listen! Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides healthy and easy to prepare recipes and food ideas which when prepared from organic, wholesome ingredients puts a stop to toxins and additives in our food.

Download it here: information here:

Brown Dhal, Quinoa Rice and Feta

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The usual process when we encounter dis-ease is we pop a few pills. This may not work so we usually develop a rash or sorts on our skin which is a sign that our body wants to expel the toxins which are causing all the havoc. What do we do than? We take yet more pills to treat the rash and the toxins causing the disease are pushed inside our body instead of being expelled. Taking pills also increases the toxicity of our bodies. We are just making things worse but what might happen next?

We might get an ache in an organ and no amount of pills will take it away so we visit our doctor. Our doctor usually prescribes stronger pills. This works for a time, maybe a few years for example while our reliance on all sorts of different medication increases. The pain starts again so we end up with a biopsy closely followed by surgery to remove our body’s waste disposal unit. If we continue without change our bodies will just build up more toxins but this time our waste disposal units will increase in number and be found in harder to find places. Our Dis-ease increases while our bodies try to adapt. Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides handy recipes which are wholesome and healthy minus the additives and large quantities of sugar giving us control with what we choose to eat.

Download here:

Whatever happened to having a minor rash, a runny nose or a slight fever. These are all very positive bodily processes of eliminating toxins. Why must we subdue these and make it worse for ourselves in the long-term? I am not a medical professional and every individual is different. Every year I do notice that more people fall sick and the sickness stays longer. This shouldn’t be the case and I believe we nourish ourselves through the quality of our food and water. Cooking Pot the iPhone App was designed with Quick and Easy recipes to encourage us back into the kitchen for some great Wholesome and Healthy food. The skin is our first signal if something wrong. Please take notice.

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How to Feed Your Skin

What we Eat and Drink are two very important factors when we talk about our skin and how we can take better care of it. Here are some Quick and Easy tips.

Yes, most of us are very time poor and there’s just not enough energy left at the end of the day or maybe even during the day or first up to ever think about what we are eating! Is this you? Do you find yourself eating whatever you can grab from the nearest take-out or coffee stop with yet another coffee? Do you blame yourself and feel guilty afterwards? Don’t worry you’re not alone!!

It’s not worth blaming yourself or anyone else. Today you can begin to move forward into a better eating habit. All it takes is your will to make small changes in lifestyle in exchange for massive health gains. All it takes is a few little changes and there’s always help at your fingertips. This is where Cooking Pot the iPhone App makes life easier by providing you with Quick, Easy and Healthy recipes with a ready made Shopping List to save time. It’s as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook!

Get it here: info:


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The first thing to do is ditch the take-out unless you order fresh green salad with grilled fish. There’s a choice right there!, and it’s yours to make. You have the power of choice! How will you use it? Do you choose to buy that drive through burger, woof it down and then deal with a spout of indigestion? Next stop the pharmacy for some indigestion tabs?

Your other option would be to cook a couple of bigger meals and refrigerate of freeze whatever is left over. How does Potato Crusted Three Cheese Pie sound or vegan Chickpea Curry or Killer Kidney Beans sound or Lasagne or Roast Chicken in the crock-pot? These are just a few favourites available on Cooking Pot the iPhone App and they all have the same things in common. They are Quick and Easy, can be Stored, Super Healthy and Simply Delicious!

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Your other option would be meals with super speedy cooking times like Stir Fry, Noodles, Fish or Salad with Crusty Bread. On many occasions when working long hours I have gone into the supermarket picked up a bag of slaw veggies, cracked some eggs, and made a healthy meal in under 5 minutes. If I’m hungry than I add noodles. Fish, steak or eggs and salad are all meals under 10 minutes. Some of these can be found on Cooking Pot the iPhone App too. Try it! Your skin will thank you for it.

Wow! I didn’t even get into breakfast or lunch or good old fashioned sleep!! I do, however think this post is getting a bit long. So Please, please get into your kitchen and make your skin sing. If your skin looks good on the outside you must look good on the inside too and that’s where it counts!!

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