Healthy Home-Cooking with Cooking Pot the iPhone App in The Canberra Weekly!!

The Healthy Home Cooking trend keeps spreading as Cooking Pot the iPhone App is featured in The Canberra Weekly. More Home Cooks have the opportunity to embrace a snippet of the Quality of Cooking Pot’s Healthy and Wholesome Recipes. More of the same Quality and Variety of Recipes which are Quick, Easy to Follow and a simmer on the Hip Pocket can be found on the App itself. 

Home-cooks already love the Creative App Design, Easy to use and Interactive Shopping List but it’s the Preference filters that keep everyone talking. The Canberra Weekly uses this feature and chooses a gluten-free and sugar-free dessert: Scrumptious Pumpkin Pie! All recipes are meal type and dietary categorised. Lifestyle choice, allergy or intolerance; it’s all catered for. This handy little feature makes BIG news with users when allergy and intolerances are at epidemic highs and increasing.


It's as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook - Download it NOW!!

It’s as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook – Download it NOW!!

It’s still as Easy as “Pick, Shop, Cook” and “Cook Out Not Throw Out”. Let Cooking Pot the iPhone App work it’s magic for you to create Healthy, Cost Effective, Sustainable meals with Quick and Easy to follow recipes. Cooking Pot the iPhone App is happy to contribute to publications like The Canberra Weekly and show that Healthy and Wholesome food is Delicious. It’s just so handy and affordable at $2.99. You deserve to Eat Well, Stay Healthy and keep to your Budget so let Cooking Pot the iPhone App lend a helping hand. The Canberra Weekly is available 1st August 2013.

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Coffee, Juice, Fizz, Water … Confused??

Bombarded with Health Information from Everywhere? What to Eat! What to drink! What to do! Your Not alone!! Today, let’s investigate fluids. Why we need them. And what we should Really be drinking!!


The experts tells us we should be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water each day depending on our activity levels. Here’s why. Water flushes out toxins and any other nasties in a quick and effective way: pee and poo. But what happens if we don’t drink enough or we compromise the quality of what we drink?

8 glasses of gin’n’tonic or bourbon’n’coke will not give you a good bill of health! Instead, it will intoxicate your organs and cause dehydration and a probable headache. Than there’s juice and soda/softdrinks which are packed full of sugar and other additives. The body than needs more water and has to work a lot harder to flush the impurities out first before hydrating our organs including our skin!

Here’s where Cooking Pot the iPhone App comes to the rescue with some great drink recipes which are Quick and Easy to make and brimming with Goodness that make skin glow!!

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Quality of Fluids is essential for good health and there are many drink choices which benefit our skin. Herbal teas are one example where the tea tastes divine and helps eliminate toxins at the same time. Try peppermint, fennel, or green tea. These are delicious alternatives to juice, softdrinks or coffee and help cleanse the body but won’t stack the weight on or the toxins in.

So what happens when you don’t particularly like plain water. There are many alternatives and some are found on Cooking Pot the iPhone App.

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Herbal teas are a good substitute for water in our daily fluids intake. Drinking warm water with a slice of lemon is one of my favourites but here’s My Secret. Every morning the first thing I drink is a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon and a tablespoon of organic coconut oil. The lemon alkalises the body and the coconut helps eliminate the toxins. Try it!!

Honestly I’m no angel and I don’t really like plain water unless it’s hot. So I try and drink as many alternatives as I can. I have a slight intolerance to milk which I avoid but there are many substitutes here too which I make from scratch for a fraction of the cost and far less time than running to the shops. All recipes are Quick and Easy and available on Cooking Pot the iPhone App.

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Cooking Pot the iPhone App Unites Cooking with Friends!!

Finally an App that helps you cook quick, nutritious meals and helps save you money at the same time. Cooking Pot the iPhone App is sizzling with just released Upgrade 1.2. This release enables Facebook users to share their cooking with friends using an instant, real-time link.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 15.12.2012 6.04.20 PM (1)“It’s as easy as Pick, Shop, Cook and Cooking Out instead of Throwing Out” has worked its magic!This simple functionality chooses recipes by ingredient to empty fridges and pantries, shop on the go with a full featured Shipping List and buy what’s on ‘special’.

All recipes are meal type and dietary categorised. For example you might be looking for a breakfast idea or perhaps you might have a gluten intolerance or allergy. All recipes are categorised to take the headache out of cooking and replace it with easy, nutritious, real food. You only need to set your dietary preferences once and let Cooking Pot provide you the meal ideas YOU want. This handy little feature makes BIG news with users when allergy and intolerances are at epidemic highs and increasing.

Now, Cooking Pot lets you share your amazingly healthy, wholesome and delicious creations with friends with just a single tap on your iPhone! You never know how many of your friends will simply love your cooking inspirations. It’s still as easy as Pick, Shop, Cook but now, Cooking Pot is a whole lot more Fun too!

Cooking Pot the iPhone App is $2.99 and just so handy and affordable. Your hip-pocket, well-being and your taste-buds will thank you for it!

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There’s a Worm in my Apple!!

This article may Not focus on cooking but it sure poses a few questions on ingredient choice, sustainability, health and well-being. Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides quick and easy, healthy and Delicious recipe options every time! Why not combine the 2??


I’ve had two incredibly opposing experiences in just one day. The first wasn’t so positive and made me consider the quality of our food and where it comes from and more specifically the amount of sugar we consume. As a result of a very rare craving I went out and bought run-of-the-mill peanut butter not from an Organic Grocers where you grind your own peanuts if you wish; and was made a sandwich. I came running into the kitchen questioning how much sugar was sprinkled on the sandwich. I don’t particularly like sugar on my peanut butter sandwiches but prefer honey instead.


To my amazement I was told that nothing but the peanut butter I bought was on my sandwich! Wow!! this sandwich was so Sweet! Next I was alarmed and proceeded to read the label. I had bought the same brand of peanut butter I had bought but a few years ago so didn’t bother reading the label. I remember the sugar content being somewhere between 5-7%.


The sugar content now had more than doubled to over 14%!! No wonder my peanut butter sandwich tasted so sweet.


My second experience left me jumping for Joy! I went to some Organic Farmer’s Markets and got some 2nds apples for baking. I didn’t care that the apple didn’t look perfect and had some spots and dots. They just smelt so good, more than good. I tucked in and had almost eaten the whole apple when well and behold, there was a Worm!! A very healthy looking worm! They’re very fast when they want to be.


First I was shocked and checked if I had bitten into anything else. Thankfully No! Then I was filled with joy!! This was something I hadn’t experienced since I was a child on a farm sneaking fruit, peas and anything that was edible. This was wonderful. I had just munched a REAL Apple!!


It was a very strange day and I probably over analysed it because I went and read all the labels on everything in my pantry and some things were trashed. I decided to taste-test a few things that I hadn’t eaten for a very long time. The first was canned soup and the second was a bag of savoury biscuits. I do have a reaction to these things if I eat too much.


The canned soup tasted like salty artificial flavours and the savoury biscuits were the same. So what are we being spoon fed? This makes me question the quality of our food. Do we even register when additives and sugar are increased especially if we buy the same product week in week out? Do we care?


OK so it’s a lot easier for me. I’ll suffer from migraines for a while and if I have enough other symptoms come into play. It takes about 2 days to flush out with a lot of filtered non-fluoridated water. End of story until next time. It must be a lot harder if there are no symptoms.


So where does our food come from? Do you know your local dairy and have you visited to look at what conditions the animals are kept in and what they are fed. Where do you get your eggs? What about fruit and vegetables? Do some come from your own garden or do you know the farmers who grow what you eat? These are some of the questions worth asking. Remember, it’s what you do that counts.


Please leave your comments.


My next post will contain some local Farmer’s Markets info and where to source some real food. Please leave some information about your local area Farmers Markets and let’s build a global network!!


If you’ve sourced some delicious ingredients let Cooking Pot App help you cook them!!

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