Cooking Pot the iPhone App Keeps Home-Cooks Wanting MORE!!

Home Cooks keep wanting more!! More of the same Variety and quality that is. More Healthy and Wholesome food ideas. More Quick and Easy to follow recipes. The momentum is building and users keep coming back with positive feedback and more money in their hip pockets.

Cooking Pot the iPhone App in Action

Cooking Pot the iPhone App in Action

Home-cooks already love the Creative App Design, Easy to use and Interactive Shopping List but it’s the Preference filters that keep everyone talking. All recipes are meal type and dietry categorised. Lifestyle choice, allergy or intolerance; it’s all catered for eg vegan, gluten-free, raw… Set your dietry preferences once and let Cooking Pot the iPhone App provide you with the recipes YOU want. This handy little feature makes BIG news with users when allergy and intollerances are at epidemic highs and increasing.

It’s still as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook and Cook Out instead of Throw Out. The App is working it’s magic and more and more Home-cooks who want to create Healthy, Cost Effective, Sustainable meals with Quick and Easy to follow recipes are jumping on board, and Why Not! Cooking Pot the iPhone App is just so handy and affordable at $2.99. Your hip-pocket, well-being and taste-buds will thank you for it.

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