Busy Getting My Beauty Sleep!!

When we look at whole body regeneration sleep is a major contributing factor. Enough sleep and quality of sleep are things most of us take for granted, but are we getting enough to support healthy body, mind and soul. The first place it shows is on our skin.

If we want to keep our skin healthy and glowing it’s very important to get enough sleep. But what does that mean? The experts tell us we should have 8 hours continuous and uninterrupted sleep each night for optimal functionality and health benefits but what happens if that doesn’t work?

With a healthy lifestyle which includes wholesome food and water, exercise and sleep you must have better skin. Unless there are other underlying medical factors. Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides heaps of Healthy and Nutritious food ideas with easy to follow Recipes but exercise and sleep patterns is something everyone should be aware of and the fact that they work together. Read further to find out how…

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Lack of Sleep Ages your Skin, is a major causing factor of depression, forgetfulness, weight gain, cognitive comprehension and retention, accidents, reduces sex drive … the list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Most people end up with dull, pale skin and puffy eyes. Chronic lack of sleep leads to lackluster skin, fine lines and dark circles. The body ends up stressed and releases cortisol the stress hormone. Large amounts of cortisol break down collagen which keeps our skin smooth and elastic. Growth hormone is also released during sleep which as we age helps increase muscle tone, thicken skin and strengthen bones.

It’s during deep sleep — what we call slow-wave sleep — that growth hormone is released,” says sleep expert Phil Gehrman, PhD. “It seems to be part of normal tissue repair — patching the wear and tear of the day.”

Great Skin needs Sleep, Exercise and Wholesome and Nutritious Food and Drink. Food and Drink become very logical and effortless with Cooking Pot the iPhone App where Quick and Easy to follow Recipes are at your fingertips which are Healthy, Nutritious and Sustainable. Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cookingpot/id586052832?ls=1&mt=8

Let’s combine Sleep, Exercise and Food/Drink and see how they work together naturally. When we exercise we need fuel to keep going so we eat and drink. When we’ve done enough exercise in the day we are tired and sleep deeply. Sleep and exercise must be matched and everyone is different. So what’s your perfect match??

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A Signpost to Good Health

The amount of sugar and toxins in our food is increasing rapidly. Our physiology is not developing fast enough to deal with the side-effects and Our SKIN is the first to suffer.

This begs the question of what exactly is in our food and water? What happens to it when we ingest it? What are the consequences to us in the long term? These are very significant questions and should be addressed by each one of us. Every body will react slightly differently and there are different levels in any physiological reaction from a mild rash to asphyxiation for example. This brings us to the end result. The journeys we take may be very different as we try to escape Dis-ease.

Fortunately our skin is a huge sign carefully giving subtle directions, all we need to do is listen! Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides healthy and easy to prepare recipes and food ideas which when prepared from organic, wholesome ingredients puts a stop to toxins and additives in our food.

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Brown Dhal, Quinoa Rice and Feta

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The usual process when we encounter dis-ease is we pop a few pills. This may not work so we usually develop a rash or sorts on our skin which is a sign that our body wants to expel the toxins which are causing all the havoc. What do we do than? We take yet more pills to treat the rash and the toxins causing the disease are pushed inside our body instead of being expelled. Taking pills also increases the toxicity of our bodies. We are just making things worse but what might happen next?

We might get an ache in an organ and no amount of pills will take it away so we visit our doctor. Our doctor usually prescribes stronger pills. This works for a time, maybe a few years for example while our reliance on all sorts of different medication increases. The pain starts again so we end up with a biopsy closely followed by surgery to remove our body’s waste disposal unit. If we continue without change our bodies will just build up more toxins but this time our waste disposal units will increase in number and be found in harder to find places. Our Dis-ease increases while our bodies try to adapt. Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides handy recipes which are wholesome and healthy minus the additives and large quantities of sugar giving us control with what we choose to eat.

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Whatever happened to having a minor rash, a runny nose or a slight fever. These are all very positive bodily processes of eliminating toxins. Why must we subdue these and make it worse for ourselves in the long-term? I am not a medical professional and every individual is different. Every year I do notice that more people fall sick and the sickness stays longer. This shouldn’t be the case and I believe we nourish ourselves through the quality of our food and water. Cooking Pot the iPhone App was designed with Quick and Easy recipes to encourage us back into the kitchen for some great Wholesome and Healthy food. The skin is our first signal if something wrong. Please take notice.

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How to Feed Your Skin

What we Eat and Drink are two very important factors when we talk about our skin and how we can take better care of it. Here are some Quick and Easy tips.

Yes, most of us are very time poor and there’s just not enough energy left at the end of the day or maybe even during the day or first up to ever think about what we are eating! Is this you? Do you find yourself eating whatever you can grab from the nearest take-out or coffee stop with yet another coffee? Do you blame yourself and feel guilty afterwards? Don’t worry you’re not alone!!

It’s not worth blaming yourself or anyone else. Today you can begin to move forward into a better eating habit. All it takes is your will to make small changes in lifestyle in exchange for massive health gains. All it takes is a few little changes and there’s always help at your fingertips. This is where Cooking Pot the iPhone App makes life easier by providing you with Quick, Easy and Healthy recipes with a ready made Shopping List to save time. It’s as Easy as Pick, Shop, Cook!

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The first thing to do is ditch the take-out unless you order fresh green salad with grilled fish. There’s a choice right there!, and it’s yours to make. You have the power of choice! How will you use it? Do you choose to buy that drive through burger, woof it down and then deal with a spout of indigestion? Next stop the pharmacy for some indigestion tabs?

Your other option would be to cook a couple of bigger meals and refrigerate of freeze whatever is left over. How does Potato Crusted Three Cheese Pie sound or vegan Chickpea Curry or Killer Kidney Beans sound or Lasagne or Roast Chicken in the crock-pot? These are just a few favourites available on Cooking Pot the iPhone App and they all have the same things in common. They are Quick and Easy, can be Stored, Super Healthy and Simply Delicious!

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Your other option would be meals with super speedy cooking times like Stir Fry, Noodles, Fish or Salad with Crusty Bread. On many occasions when working long hours I have gone into the supermarket picked up a bag of slaw veggies, cracked some eggs, and made a healthy meal in under 5 minutes. If I’m hungry than I add noodles. Fish, steak or eggs and salad are all meals under 10 minutes. Some of these can be found on Cooking Pot the iPhone App too. Try it! Your skin will thank you for it.

Wow! I didn’t even get into breakfast or lunch or good old fashioned sleep!! I do, however think this post is getting a bit long. So Please, please get into your kitchen and make your skin sing. If your skin looks good on the outside you must look good on the inside too and that’s where it counts!!

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Wearing My Birthday Suit!!

Skin: You might never be able to take it off, exchange it or buy an updated version. You’re stuck with it for a lifetime but you can definitely Choose to take better care of it. Here’s How!!

OK. Let’s get past the first and foremost hurdle which on our parts we cannot change. I’ll give it to you straight: Your genes play a large part in how your skin reacts to sun, wind, how quickly it heals itself and how well it ages. Our genes are our blueprint and it’s always good practice to gather as much information from your family as you can. You never know when it might help you in the future.

I’d like to investigate 2 main culprits of failing health – sugar and fats.

The skin is our largest organ and what we choose shows on the outside. Cooking Pot the iPhone App is a handy tool which provides Quick and Easy to make recipes that are Wholesome and Nutritious and feed us with Real Food.

I have included 2 natural remedy recipes to try at home. They are great for psoriasis, dry flaky skin, acne and wrinkles. I use these all the time because I have reactions to commercially made creams – if they work for me they might work for you too!!

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Yummy Yummy Salad

Yummy Yummy Salad

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Now let’s investigate the things we can do to help our skin.

  1. How we choose to Eat

It’s important to eat as many fresh and nutritious raw vegetables and nuts. Artichoke, Avocado, beetroot, kale, legumes, red grapes are of particular benefit with high levels of antioxidants, non-inflammatory and cleansing properties to help rid our bodies of toxins and free-radicals which cause most of the damage inside and out. Following an alkaline lifestyle high in pesticide free raw vegetables is very important. That means no processed foods and no sugars. A lot of the processed foods have high amounts of sugar and bad fats. By Sugar I mean all white flour baked goods and sugar such as white sugar, icing sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar. Please read the labels and you’ll be surprised at the amount of sugars present in food! Fructose from corn syrup is one of the most harmful but eating fruit provides enough fibre to process the sugar.

a) Fructose does not go through the Hypothalamus that tells your brain that you’ve eaten something and you might want to stop eating because you’re full. Instead, it by-passes even your stomach and goes straight for the liver working it very hard. We’ll stop there before I get carried away.

b) If the fats we consume are not medium-chain saturated fatty acids they become free-radicals once they react. This is usually achieved through heating or cooking. Free-radicals then attack all cells in our body. I choose to cook with coconut oil which is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid. I have not altered anyone’s recipes on Cooking Pot the iPhone App but I have substituted cooking oils for coconut oil and have found no issues.

OK, so it all comes back to home-cooking and home-cooking from scratch and this is where Cooking Pot the iPhone App makes it so, so EASY!! It’s always on you, gives you a ready made Shopping List and helps you cook Healthy, Nutritious, Sustainable meals with easy to follow recipes when you’re on the go!! How easy is That?

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1. Banana Mash: Bananas are not only delicious but can be used as a facial mask. Choose the ones with black spots (anti-carcinogenic). Spread evenly onto your face and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse.

2. Coconut Spa: I was once told to keep a jar of coconut oil in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the bedroom. We spoke about the kitchen. In the bathroom once out of the shower massage coconut oil into skin including face while still warm and wet. You will hardly need a towel afterwards. The coconut oil locks the water in and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth. This is a great wrinkle treatment and doesn’t leave you greasy!!

Please work the Bedroom part out for yourself!!

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Coffee, Juice, Fizz, Water … Confused??

Bombarded with Health Information from Everywhere? What to Eat! What to drink! What to do! Your Not alone!! Today, let’s investigate fluids. Why we need them. And what we should Really be drinking!!


The experts tells us we should be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water each day depending on our activity levels. Here’s why. Water flushes out toxins and any other nasties in a quick and effective way: pee and poo. But what happens if we don’t drink enough or we compromise the quality of what we drink?

8 glasses of gin’n’tonic or bourbon’n’coke will not give you a good bill of health! Instead, it will intoxicate your organs and cause dehydration and a probable headache. Than there’s juice and soda/softdrinks which are packed full of sugar and other additives. The body than needs more water and has to work a lot harder to flush the impurities out first before hydrating our organs including our skin!

Here’s where Cooking Pot the iPhone App comes to the rescue with some great drink recipes which are Quick and Easy to make and brimming with Goodness that make skin glow!!

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Read on to find my Secret …

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Quality of Fluids is essential for good health and there are many drink choices which benefit our skin. Herbal teas are one example where the tea tastes divine and helps eliminate toxins at the same time. Try peppermint, fennel, or green tea. These are delicious alternatives to juice, softdrinks or coffee and help cleanse the body but won’t stack the weight on or the toxins in.

So what happens when you don’t particularly like plain water. There are many alternatives and some are found on Cooking Pot the iPhone App.

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Herbal teas are a good substitute for water in our daily fluids intake. Drinking warm water with a slice of lemon is one of my favourites but here’s My Secret. Every morning the first thing I drink is a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon and a tablespoon of organic coconut oil. The lemon alkalises the body and the coconut helps eliminate the toxins. Try it!!

Honestly I’m no angel and I don’t really like plain water unless it’s hot. So I try and drink as many alternatives as I can. I have a slight intolerance to milk which I avoid but there are many substitutes here too which I make from scratch for a fraction of the cost and far less time than running to the shops. All recipes are Quick and Easy and available on Cooking Pot the iPhone App.

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