WHY I Take my Hat Off to the Humble ONION!!

The Onion is certainly a vegetable most of us take for granted. We shouldn’t, this mis-understood contender is packed full of Powerful Health Benefits. It’s definitely Not just a stew filler but does make food taste so, so Good!

The Outer skin of the onion has the most nutrients so the less you peel the better. The onion contains phytopenols which is the largest phytonutrient group in the vegetable family containing large amounts of Flavonoids. The Onion, a humble member of the lilly family trumps and ranks in the top 10. Forget the tears and put some onion on your next sandwich or in your salad Today!

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Onion - For some Fantastic Recipes Download Cooking Pot the iPhone App

Onion – For some Fantastic Recipes Download Cooking Pot the iPhone App

Onions are super rich in vit. C, B6, Biotin, Chromium, Calcium and Fibre. The list continues with Folic Acid, Vit B1 and K. I’m beginning to wonder what it’s NOT good for and question why we have come up with the terms “onion breath” meaning “bad breath”. So many of us say No to onion on our sandwiches or in our food. The following list might just change your mind.

Onions: a Quick How and Why Guide 

  • ranks top 10 in phytonutrient (flavonoid) content which aids Vit. C boosting immunity
  • raw onion encourages production of good cholesterol (HDL) – a healthy heart
  • contains Quercetin – cancer prevention (eg slow cook in soups to retain this vital nutrient)
  • contains Sulphur – Detox removing cadmium, mercury and lead
  • anti-inflammatory and heals infections
  • mops up free-radicals
  • juice releives insect bites

The Humble Onion doesn’t look as humble as I first thought. The serving size is ½ cup and should be consumed at least 4 times per week. It’s recommended to consume onion every day. You are, however, not limited to standard brown onions. There is a lot of choice from red, white onions to even leek and shallots or spring onions. If it has the ability to make you cry you’re onto a good thing! Get some great Great Healthy and Wholesome recipe ideas here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cookingpot/id586052832?ls=1&mt=8

As a child I remember my Dad eating onions like apples and garlic sliced up on sandwiches with lots of butter! Between you and me I always thought it was grose! Funny thing is; he never has bad breath!! I simply don’t understand and maybe someone can shed some light on this for me?

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