Herbology: Blessing in Dis-guise…

2 Friends + 2 Remedies = Releif.

I’m not too sure about writing this down but it helped me and I was in serious pain. If this helps you or someone you know it will definitely make me smile. I still need to go see a professional but they usually can’t do much with so much pain, buising and imflammation. Today I make my appointment.

Something Happened. I’m not entirely sure what, but I woke 2 weeks ago with my lower back completely stiff and I began to grit my teeth in pain. In the afternoons I found hiding places and let the tears roll in silence. I know a little about yoga but it was too much for my back. All I could manage was lie on my back with my legs. It looked angry and felt swollen. It was hot to touch. Sleep was a luxury.

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Turkish Breakfast

I needed help and fast. I don’t do bandaids so painkillers were out of the question but I took some anyway just to get to sleep. Then I felt sick and put up with the pain. Replacing one pain with another was an interesting experience in itself but not one to be continued.

One friend recommended using Ginger Powder sprinkled inside a handkercheif dowsed with hot water and rung out keeping the ginger wrapped inside. This is achieved by rolling the handkerchief up and twisting each end in opposite directions to squeese the hot water out. Leave dry ends so you don’t burn your fingers!

Another friend suggested purchasing a Chinese Herbal Sports Liniment called Zheng Gu Shui which she used for muscle cramps, spasms and bruising when sparing in martial arts. Among other ingredients it contains arnica, cinnamon, camphor and menthol. These at least I know work!

The idea with both of these treatments is to create enough heat to treat the muscle. Ginger, cinnamon and arnica heal inflammation, bruising and help deal with shock. Camphor and menthol provide the heat.

I lay on my stomach. That took a while to begin with. The oinment was massaged into my whole back and then the hankerchief was placed over my lower back ginger side down. I was covered by a towel to prevent messing my bed up followed by a doona and blankets. I took deep breathes in through my nose and out through my mouth. In yoga this helps remove toxins. It took about two minutes and my whole back was burning. It was so much more intense where the handkerchief was. I kept stretching and relaxing whist lying on my stomach and breathing deeply.

On the second and third night my middle and upper back which had been extremely stressed trying to hold up the rest of me crack all by itself. I found myself lying a lot flatter. I streched my hips on the 4th and 5th morning. The inflammation has gone down far enough and now, I can feel some things out of whack.

It’s time to book my appointment with a professional. I had a back injury last August and it’s a work in progress.

This Blog is supposed to be about Healthy Cooking and Cooking Pot the iPhone App. Appoogies for the impromptu and unscheduled interruption.

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