Herbology: Reinventing the Wheel with Turmeric!

Right!! I’ve always wanted to write about herbs. You’ve probably heard it all before. The old folk remedy or new cure for something or other or just a pinch or this and a pinch of that to make an ordinary dish outstanding. Turmeric is one of my favourites and one that I use all the time. I put it in my rice!

There are many health benefits associated with curcumin the active ingredient in turmeric but it also makes for a very important ingredient in cooking. Cooking Pot the iPhone App provides many such meal ideas which are Quick, Healthy and Easy to make.

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Rice with Nuts and Turmeric

Rice with Nuts and Turmeric


Turmeric presents itself as a root vegetable and is relative of ginger. It’s mostly grown in India and Asia and has been used in those areas as a powerful non-inflammatory. It is also know for it’s anti-oxidant properties and has been used to treat skin infections to cancer. Medical studies have not been able to confirm the medicinal value of turmeric but various studies have been undertaken and anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been confirmed.

What is a curry without turmeric? It’s subtle flavour and colour give us a tasty dish that we all know and I’m sure there is a curry out there for everyone! Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw – Cooking Pot the iPhone App has something for you all categorised to take the headache out of sifting through endless recipes. Set your preferences once and the built-in filter does the hard work for you and it doesn’t stop at lifestyle choice but instead crosses over to allergy and intolerance preferences with Lactose-free, Gluten-free etc recipes available at your fingertips.

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Turmeric is also know to aid cholesterol absorption by decreasing harmful levels of the stuff and aid in skin repair by hindering the aging process. It’s anti-oxidant properties or it’s ability to fight free-radicals may most probably be an attributing factor in slowing that aging process. These may be old folk remedies but there may be something in it. I don’t know. Post your comments.

What I do know is that rice has never tasted better without the addition of turmeric. It’s subtle bitter flavour is a winner at my place. Turmeric is also added to curries to give it that distinct colour. As a matter of fact, it is also added to mustard, butter and cheese for that same reason.

My favourite curry is a simple Tatka Dhal. It’s Vegan and bursting with flavour and loads and loads of fresh tomatoes. It doesn’t have to go on rice it tastes just as good on pancakes, in a pitta pocket for lunch or the following day all by itself! The recipe can be found on Cooking Pot the iPhone App. It’s a lot Easier to make than you think and if you decide to make a big batch there is always plenty to go round and more to freeze for later!

Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cookingpot/id586052832?ls=1&mt=8

More Info here: http://www.progressiveaspect.com/cookingpot

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have writing it. Read us. Like us. Share us. Tweet us.


2 thoughts on “Herbology: Reinventing the Wheel with Turmeric!

    • Please let me know what you think of it, especially the recipes! 🙂 … I’ve heard that because of all the ghee/fat consumed in India turmeric counteracts it. Apparently (I haven’t tried it) 1 or 2 teaspoons of turmeric each morinng will lower levels to normal after about 2 weeks. When I get a high reading I’ll be able to test it but it’s really hard to get a high reading when I eat it all the time!! 🙂

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